Zhadko Polina Vladimirovna
Was born in Moscow on April 21, 1998.

After graduating from secondary school, entered the Intercultural Institute of Japan and left for Japan, Tokyo in October 2016 to study Japanese. Started working as a model in Tokyo in 2017. In September 2017 came back to Moscow for skills improvement at the model school of Vyacheslav Zaitsev, signed a contract with the modeling Agency Z's model in 2018. Entered Seoul National University for the Korean language study program in February 2019. Seoul was the starting point for the artistic career. Participated in the "St. Petersburg art week" exhibition-competition in June 2019 and presented 2 works, which were awarded the winning places. Was a consistent participant of international exhibitions, taking prizes, most of which were the top ones. During the art week in China, held in August 2019, Polina’s paintings took the 1st and the 2nd places. The result of participation in the exhibition in November 2019 were 9 prizes in five categories, of which four paintings received the first places. Joined the Eurasian Art Union in the same year. At the moment Polina continues studying foreign languages, makes her paints and participates in exhibitions.

2019 St. Petersburg Art Week - International Exhibition & Competition of Modern Art. Category: Conceptual abstraction - 2 (“Affect”), 3 (“The depths of underconsciousness”) places.

2019 Art Week in China - International Exhibition - Competition of Modern Art in Beijing. Category: Neo-expressionism - 1 (“Fame”), 2 (“Sea box”) places.

2019 International Art-Salon - Exhibition-Fair of Modern Art. Category: Oil (modern styles) - 3 ("Trepidation") place.

2019 Russian Art Week - International Exhibition & Competition of Modern Art. Category: Conceptual abstraction - 1 (“Awakening of life”), 2 (“Reflection”), 3 (“Birth”) places. Category: Geometric abstraction - 1 (“On the other side”), 2 (“Inspiration”) places. Category: Experiment - 1 (“Affect”), 2 (“Fame”) places. Category: Abstract Expressionism: 3 (“A river of Life”) place. Category: Futuristic abstraction - 1 ("In the mouth of a volcano") place.


2020 Art weeks in Czech Republic – “Century of Symbolism” – Competition of symbolic art and cosmogony. Category: Mystical symbolism - 1 (“Firework of sadness”), 2 (“Firework of betrayal”) places.

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